Sunday April 26

מבחן מסכת ברכות


Dear Chaver Oraysa,

We are excited to present the 4th Oraysa bechinah on Berachos 32-41.

It has been a tremendous chizuk to hear about the amount of Oraysa chaburahs and shiurim continuing over the phone and online. B"H despite all the challenges so many are keeping up with the k'viyus of the daily amud and chazara. 

We highly encourage all lomdim to take this bechinah. The bechinah is a great push for a fourth round of review and to make a true kinyan on all 10 blatt. Please note you may take the test with an open or closed gemara, there is a place on the answer key to indicate which option you chose. The extra credit questions on Tosfos will not be included as part of your main score.

There are 2 test taking options available.

Digital Test - via link below or link on website 

  or Click here- Oraysa Bechinah #4 Berachos Daf 32-41 

Instructions: Click on מסכת ברכות and then log in. For first time users please click on Create an Account. You will receive a confirmation email to verify your account. PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM FOLDER. 

Note: we are using a temporary online testing system from an organization COJDS. Please email if you are having any technical issues.


Paper version - Please click the link below for test and bubble answer sheet.

There is instruction on the cover sheet of the test on how to return the answers key for grading. All tests must be submitted by Tuesday May 3rd.

If you are unable to access the links please email and we will send you an email with a direct attachment or fax you the Bechinah.

Oraysa is a work in progress, we welcome all feedback to help us improve our test questions and testing process. 

Hatzlacha Raba on the bechinah!


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