Checks or ACH will be sent monthly to the name and address we have on file together with your grade on the 2 bi-weekly bechinos.

To receive a stipend you must be regularly following the whole schedule. An occasional miss is acceptable. You are required to learn the daily amud, review the previous days amud, and review the week’s limud over Friday-Shabbos. The Friday-Shabbos chazara can be done באופן הקל in any reasonable way. It can be done מילה במילה or שקלא וטריא and even by reviewing the סיכומי אורייתא.

There are 4 main requirements

  1. You must be following the Oraysa schedule (see below)
  2. Test needs to be taken with closed gemara
  3. You must complete the test before the 11pm deadline.
  4. The test must be taken within a 1.5 hours timeframe. You must take both bi-weekly tests to be eligible for that month’s stipend.

We have a limited number of stipend slots and will be adding people from the waiting list as more slots open. Those that are registered and are taking tests will have קדימה to be added as more slots open.

The correct answers can be seen online after the stipend testing deadline ends. The deadline ends late Sunday night so we suggest checking back by Monday morning. To review your answers, click on the בחינה and click “review”. 

In order to see your scores, the test must be completely submitted. This means at the end of each test you need to a) click "Finish Attempt" b) click "Submit all and finish on the summary page c) confirm you want to "Submit all and finish" in the pop-up. Once that is done, you can no longer make changes and your score should be displayed. You can also click "Grades" on the left side of the screen to see all your scores. 

If you don't take these steps, your exam will automatically be saved and submitted when time expires (around 11pm).

Please note the login for the online test is on a separate system than the general Oraysa platform. As such, to take the online test, a one time signup is required at https://oraysa.org/test/login/index.php. You can select the same username and password as the general Oraysa platform if the username is available. Please use the same email address that you signed up for Mivchanei Oraysa. Please do not forget to check spam if you don’t get a confirmation email when signing up for this platform. Please note that in any section where there is a Hebrew and English version of the same בחינה, please start only one of them.

Oraysa only sends your grade but does not return your original test. Oraysa will post the answer key on the website and send it via email towards the beginning of the week.

Once the office receives your bubble sheet, tests will be marked promptly and an email will be sent with your score.

Based on feedback from lomdim, we are changing our original plan. Instead of every five whole blatt throughout the masechta i.e., ,דף ב׳-ה׳, ו׳-י׳, דף יא׳-טו׳ , the tests will cover the current 2 weeks limud. For example, when you take the bechina on a Sunday it will cover the previous 2 weeks 5 blatt even if it ends on an amud aleph. 

The next bechina, which will take place on כד תמוז/July 23, will be on 6.5 blatt .דף ו׳-יב as a one-time catch up. Afterwards, the schedule will revert to 5 blatt of the previous 2 weeks. We will send out a new schedule to reflect this change.

All Lomdei Oraysa are encouraged to register and take the bi-weekly test. The test is a great מחייב for חזרה and for making a true kinyan on the limud. Regardless if one is registered for the stipend or on the stipend waiting list, it’s important to register so that the software can assign you an ID number, mark your test and email you back the scores. All scores will be stored in your profile. In addition, those that are registered and taking bechinas that are on the stipend waiting list will have קדימה as new stipend slots open. To register for the program please fill out this google form -